The LocNar adventure was created to try D&D 3.5 edition for a group of players who had never experienced any tabletop RPG before (even the DM). The first adventure began with an existing module provided for free from Wizards of the Coast found here: Wreck Ashore

The original party consisted of:

  • A rat-man rogue named One-Eye
  • A half-elf ranger named Valanthradil
  • A human paladin
  • A dwarf fighter named Rrarfringer

It was so long ago I don’t have any notes indicating the name of the paladin. After an incredibly long character creation endeavor, the players were ready to begin and still managed to maintain some enthusiasm.

(Note that despite its namesake’s awesomeness, this campaign ends in similarity with a powerful and evil orb. And as for the ‘rat-man’ race, think Splinter from TMNT)


Kazace Kazace

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