Chapter 8

New Horizons


The party regale the Baron with tales of the ledger and the camp being constructed by robed figures, but nothing else. Zolindras informed them that a town to the southwest across the gulf had been reporting more and more undead creatures in the area. They were being overwhelmed and requested help from the nearby cities. The baron hired the party to go to their aid since he suspected a connection with the orb.


The party arrived by ship to the coastal town while it was blanketed in fog. They soon realized the town was in a panic and not all was well. Mindy managed to put out a house fire by using a summon water spell and gained favor with the general populace. Troops were rallied and everyone was ordered out to the town’s perimeter to fend off attackers. They arrived to the town along a Northern coast and were positioned West of the town. Once there the party was besieged by waves of undead creatures mostly made up of various zombies and skeletons with a few ghouls here and there.

Back in town, a human fighter named Sal and a gnome cleric named Noone who were passing through the town found themselves attacked by zombies who had made it into the town. Together, they saved a woman who had retreated into a house from pursuing zombies. Noone even managed to use a spell to repair her window. They headed towards the West side of town and ran into the other adventuring party of One-Eye, Valanthradil, Harold, and Mindy.

After joining the battle on the West side of town, One-Eye noticed that most of the zombies and skeletons weren’t attacking them unless they were in the way or attacked the undead first. As he was trying to inform the rest of the party, Noone noticed a pair of ghouls sneaking up behind Valanthradil but chose to see what happened instead of warn him [Noone chose to be an evil cleric]. Valanthradil was bitten and felt some sort of poison, but shrugged off the effects. After the ghouls were defeated, Sal decided to taste their blood and was paralyzed for a short while. Harold took stock of the two new adventurers and found Noone was evil. So the party and the two new adventurers headed back to town.

They found it much quieter and well protected by barricades in the streets all leading into town. They stopped and chatted with some of the guards posted and then decided to head to a tavern and find a place the spend the night. At the tavern they were greeted warmly and many of the locals bought them drinks. They shared their battle stories and heard from others that it seemed most of the undead were content to walk through town and continue East. The only fighting happened when they were engaged or people were in their way. This confirmed One-Eye’s observations from earlier.

They asked about what was to the West and East of town. To the West was the town’s graveyard and many stories were told about a haunted keep to the East. As the stories went, pirate legend Captain Breaker lived there and pillaged merchant ships all along the coast and throughout the gulf. He also enslaved men from the other ships and nearby area to use as slave labor in a mine near the keep. An imperial admiral by the name of Carver had come to put an end to Captain Breaker and managed to kill him and all his crew about a year ago. Oddly enough, he decided to stay at the keep and lived there. Several months later he held a party and no one who went, including him, were ever seen again. Many had tried visiting the keep at first to find out what had happened to everyone, but none of those people ever returned either.

Dimsdale Graveyard

The two new adventurers, Sal and Noone, offered to join the party in their endeavors. Sal was readily accepted, but Noone was reluctantly allowed to join. Harold for one did not like her being around at all, but decided she might be of use to Peter Grim if he ever found him again. They spent the night upstairs at the tavern (for free) and then decided to investigate the graveyard the next morning. Mindy however decided to take her leave of the party and decided the town of Dimsdale needed her more at the moment. She told her companions she would stay and help the town get back on its feet and heal those who were wounded the day before.

At the graveyard, they found almost all the graves had been emptied and all the tracks had headed East. A close examination of the graves lead the party to believe that the zombies crawled out themselves without anyone digging them out. In a mausoleum they found two zombies who had been scratching at the walls and door trying to get out. They killed them and saw no sign of anyone else being there recently. Deciding that no one had been here physically to cause all this trouble, they headed back to the town and bought horses (and a riding dog for Noone) which they used to set off towards the keep.


Kazace Kazace

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