Chapter 7

Caves, Everyone's Favorite

Cave Exploration

Inside the cave, they found a sprawling tunnel system. The tunnels averaged about 20 feet wide and 15 feet high. The tunnels branched every so often and some were smaller than others. All throughout the caves they found acidic pools with decaying bodies of various animals and humanoids in them. The whole cave system smelled of rotting food. Among the various caves, they found and fought a dire bat, swarms of bats, stirges, montrous spiders, and a swarm of spiders.

Some backpacks were found with various items and a pile of gold that one spider had built a web around. In one pack and on one of the decaying bodies, the party found two plain golden rings that had a strange feeling about them. Valanthradil put his on and it tingled a bit as he wore it. One-Eye, not trusting an unidentified ring, kept his in his pack. They also found a skeleton wearing a cloak [Vanisher Cloak M145] which One-Eye took. In addition to the items and gold, One-Eye decided to take a pair of wings from the dire bat, spider silk, and some lizardman teeth (one of the decaying bodies).

Cave’s Main Chamber

At the back of the cavern’s sprawling tunnels they found a giant chamber containing more acid pits, a heaping mound of skeletons, and a breath-takingly large mound of gold coins. Surrounding the mound were orbs positioned in a circle. Three of the orbs were much bigger in comparison and in between each pair of bigger orbs were 3 smaller orbs. The entire area they encircled (centered on the mound of coins) glowed a sickly green that seemed to emanate from the orbs. Upon closer inspection, a woman was seen lying blindfolded on the cavern floor next to the coins. The coins themselves had a depression running from one side to the other.

The 3 bigger orbs were carefully moved by the players and deposited into one of the acid pits. The green glow dissipated and the woman was examined. She appeared middle-aged and upon removing the blindfold the players discovered one of her eyes was just an empty socket and the other was terribly scarred and sealed shut by the wound. She slowly regained consciousness and was terrified thinking the players were there to hurt her. She was questioned and responded that her name is Laewynn and she was kidnapped and has no idea why. Harold suggested they whisk her out of the cave to safety.

The party used their robes to fashion a large sack which they promptly filled with gold coins from the mound (which didn’t appear diminished at all since it was so large). They dragged this out of the cavern and took Laewynn with them. Commandeering a wagon from the camp they loaded the gold and headed back to Dorlindt. Along the way they heard something further along the path and hid in the woods. They watched as a procession of robed figures leading wagons of construction equipment passed by in the direction of the cave. Wringing their hands nervously and constantly checking on their gold, the party decided to remain hidden and press on to Dorlindt to safeguard their money.


Once they arrived in Dorlindt, One-Eye hired local craftsmen to create a bat wing glider and spider silk climbing gloves. Laewynn expressed interest in returning to her village and was sent off. The plain gold rings were investigated by a local wizard but he was unable to identify their power.

[One-Eye and Valanthradil reach Level 3!]


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