Chapter 6

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Jolly Badger Inn

Later in the day while checking out the city, Valanthradil spotted a robed figure on a rooftop watching them make their way around. When he asked One-Eye to take a look the figure was gone. That night they met and convinced Mindy, a female human cleric, to join the party [played by the same person as One-Eye]. The party decided to spend the night at the Jolly Roger Inn and while they were sleeping a group of robed figures attempted to sneak into their rooms and presumably kill them. Their footsteps and hushed whispers were heard and in the midst of the fighting, the paladin Harold Burke re-appeared to help the party.

After the fight was over, Harold revealed that Celestine Abbey had been burned to the ground when he returned and only one survivor could be found. It was a paladin in shock who was unable to talk and so he was sent back to the Silver Dawn’s sanctuary for healing by Harold. Peter Grim and the remaining 4 paladins were nowhere to be found and so Harold had been searching for leads on his missing companions. While doing so, he had learned about the robed figures and that they were intent on finding the orb. He decided to tail them and ended up at the inn with the party. Harold joined the party once again (with many hurrahs) and the party set out for the unknown destination in Yamril Swamp as recorded in the shorthand ledger.

Yamril Swamp

The party discovered a bustling camp of robed figures. Outposts surrounded a large cave entrance and a few tents in which the robed figures were living temporarily. The entire area was full of construction equipment and partially constructed palisade walls. As night fell, the party ambushed the camp and defeated all the robed figures. In the camp, two schematics were discovered. One detailed a fort that would encircle the cave. The pan had, in addition to classical defenses, some defenses focused on the entrance to the cave despite it being inside the fort. The second schematic was unable to be deciphered by the party, but appeared arcane in nature. They decided to don some of the robes from the dead people in the camp and explore the cavern. Harold refused to wear such a garment, especially ones that had been worn by evil humanoids. The party opted to keep him as he was and pretend he was their prisoner.


Kazace Kazace

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