Chapter 5

Life in the City


The players arrived at the city of Orin and requested an audience with Baron Theodore Bluthe and Zolindras Fordlon. They shared their tale of the paladins at Celestine Abbey, the orb in their possession, and finding Jonas Vern in the underground church. The captive Jonas Vern was handed over to the Baron and a hefty sum of gold was rewarded to the two adventurers. The wizard Zolindras voiced his fear that the Silver Dawn won’t destroy the orb as he had hoped. He believed they would instead try to discover its secrets via Peter Grim with whom Zolindras seems familiar. In order to take matters into his own hands, Zolindras told them of some old historical records in the large city of Dorlindt that might help them discover the history of the orb and possibly a way to destroy it. The baron and Zolindras offered another payment of gold if One-Eye and Valanthradil helped them out and they accepted.

The Road to Dorlindt

On their travels to the city of Dorlindt the party came across a tree that had fallen over the road. Just before that they had heard a sharp whistle from the woods. A man was working at the tree with an axe as they approached. Once they were close enough the party recognized one of the surviving mercenaries from the Janthorn Woods just about the same time they themselves were recognized. The other surviving mercenaries sprang from cover and some arrow fire was traded among them. One-Eye and Valanthradil eventually killed all the “bandits” and searched the area. They discovered a carriage with a dead woman inside hidden off the road in the woods. Inside the carriage they managed to find an heirloom necklace which they brought with them to Dorlindt.


The party’s first order of business was to find out which family the heirloom belonged to and broke the news that a woman was found dead from bandits along the road. The bereaved family ushered the two out so they could come to terms with what had happened. Without reward and feeling cheated, they notified the authorities of the dead bandits and woman along the road and requested audience with Duke Gregor Wellington. Letters of explanation from the baron in Orin were handed over and the Duke sent Jinthro Flarn off to begin the search for the requested archives. Due to the significant time predicted to find the information, the Duke asked a favor in return of the party. He asked that the party investigate William Titterly who was his financial adviser (Jinthro is his assistant). William’s name had been popping up in some seedy underground circles according to his various informants. He wanted to know exactly what was going on and thought outsiders might have a better chance of uncovering some more information.

The Dead Pelican Tavern

The party spent some time gathering information and eventually got a lead to check out the local thieves guild which frequented the Dead Pelican Tavern. While Valanthradil went in the front door, One-Eye decided to snoop around back and picked the lock on the back entrance. Here he found the kitchen and some bedrooms upstairs in which he supposed the tavern owners lived. He decided a painting on the wall took his fancy and with it in tow headed to a door other than the one he entered through.

This lead him out into the tavern bar room at which point the tavern owner accosted him for being in the private quarters of his tavern, and more to the point why he had taken a painting. One-Eye immediately adopted a blank stare and reached out to feel the face of the tavern owner. He feigned being blind and that he must have gotten lost and thought the painting was a menu. Despite the ridiculousness of his story, his acting was spot on and he joined Valanthradil in the bar while the mystified tavern owner went back to business.

They spotted some similarly dressed men lounging in a side part of the bar room and decided these must be members of the thieves guild. When questioned about William, they only replied that the “matter was closed”. Frustrated with their attempt to talk with the dismissive men, they started a bar fight. Hoping the other patrons might help out and cause enough confusion, they were dismayed to find almost everyone was sided with the thieve’s guild. They were mercilessly beaten up and in a desperate move to turn the tables One-Eye started splashing lantern oil over everyone near him but was knocked out before he could threaten to set them all on fire.

Plan B

One-Eye and Valanthradil awoke from their beating in a jail cell. Shortly after waking up, the Duke showed up and bailed them out. The discussed what little they learned and the Duke decided to keep William working late that night and have the party search William’s home for any clues. While searching through the very nice home, they found a note from the thieves guild (as evident by the marking of a black diamond with a white downwards pointing dagger in the center). In addition to the note, One-Eye also pocketed some of his belongings which included a rare mechanical watch. As they were about to leave, they were attacked by a man dressed in tight fitting black clothes who they assumed was an assassin. Valanthradil fired away with arrows and One-Eye moved in to engage him. However, after a short fight he jumped out of the second story window and escaped into the dark streets with the help of some thugs seen in most of the alleys around the house. They decided to return to the Duke and let him know what happened.

When confronted with the note, William admitted the thieve’s guild had tried to hire him as their inside man, but he had refused. News of the assassin prompted the Duke to send William away for a while in case he was in danger. His assistant Jinthro would take over his duties in the meantime. Once that excitement was over, the party was given ledgers containing the information they requested. The instructions from the Baron in Orin were to return with the ledgers so Zolindras could look them over, but the party wanted to check them out on their own.


One of the ledgers turned out to be entirely in shorthand and seemingly only the author could decipher it completely. A librarian in the city managed to glean some information:

  • the ledger was dated roughly 50 years ago
  • contains the names Baelgruul and Saphyr
  • references an orb
  • refers to a specific location in the Yamril Swamp
    The party was able to recognize the name Saphyr as a deity who serves under Nerull (the god of death).

The other ledgers were fully transcribed histories and reveal the author of the shorthand ledger was killed just around the time period his ledger was dated (50 years ago). This was during a time when a horde of undead had swept across the area. They also implicate Shaendis (remarked to be in his 30s) in some disturbances around the area for a couple months afterwards. After this he disappeared for a while coinciding with the formation of the Silver Dawn to deal with the undead crisis. As the party recalled, it was only a short while ago that the Silver Dawn and forces of Orin managed to finally defeat Shaendis and recover an orb from him.


Kazace Kazace

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