Chapter 4

Getting Down and Dirty


The party traveled a short distance and found the house on the outskirts of Pimblebrook which was described in the mercenary’s instructions. It was an old and apparently abandoned house that was in disrepair. As they checked the interior, two ghouls attacked from their hiding spot behind a secret door under the stairs. After the ghouls were dispatched, a search was made of the upstairs. It was full of cobwebs and gave the party pause. They decided to continue their search and upset a nest of spiders. They were also dispatched and some minor items and gold were found in a chest. Afterwards, they decided to explore the secret door from which the ghouls had attacked them earlier.


Down a flight of stairs, the party found a sewer system. Down one tunnel there was a downward chute whose end could not be seen clearly. The water ran down a trough with narrow, slick walkways on either side. Valanthradil slipped while trying to slowly make his way down and slid all the way to the bottom at which point he cried out in alarm. One-Eye made an amazing display of balance and slid all the way down the chute standing up. He popped out the bottom and immediately launched himself in a miraculous flip at a nearby goblin he had surprised. Valanthradil fired away and Harold stumbled his way down the chute in his clunky armor to join as well and soon all but one goblin was dead. The chute had deposited the party in a cavern that was filled with water across the middle. A wooden bridge spanned the water and a doorway could be seen on the other side. The surviving goblin, who appeared to be the leader, fled across the bridge and disappeared into the doorway.

The party gave chase and found the doorway lead them into an old crypt. The crypt was L shaped and there was a door at the other end that was slammed shut and locked by the escaping goblin. Before the party could try getting past this door, skeletons began climbing from the alcoves in the walls of the crypt. A fierce battle ensued and though the skeletons were not particularly strong, the party was weakened by the sheer number of them attacking. Once all the skeletons that had risen were defeated, the party retreated back to the cavern and decided to make camp there for the night using the existing fire the goblins had been gathered around. During the first shift of watch, scuffling was heard in the crypt, but nothing came into the cavern.

After the party had rested, they returned to the crypt to investigate. Quietly snooping about, One-Eye discovered some skeletons had remained in their alcoves and had risen during their period of rest to take position just outside the locked door facing it with weapons ready. It seemed they had been preparing an ambush for anyone who came back out the door. The ambush was ambushed and the skeletons all destroyed.

Goblin Den

The crypt door was unlocked and the party soon found themselves entering a long rectangular room of smooth gray stone. Muffled voices could be heard and so the party was on alert. A gray cloth on the ground was spotted that covered a deep pit, and the muffled voices were seemingly coming from the other side of the right wall. A thorough search revealed two secret doors in the stone wall. The party opened them and surprised a group of goblins, one of which was the escaped goblin from the cavern. The fighting ended and some gold was found in the secret room.

A door on the far side of this room lead to a four way crossroad of doors. One was locked and barred from the other side, one had the sounds of shuffling and moaning behind it, and one was a pile of rubble. Poking through the rubble provoked a swarm of rats into attacking the party, but some enthusiastic torch swinging broke them up.

It Woudn’t Be a Crypt Without Zombies

The unlocked door to the next room had a keyhole which the party used to spot a large crowd of zombies. The pit trap was near the door to the goblin room, so the cloth was replaced and a plan was hatched to use it as a choke point. Caltrops were placed all around the doorway and everyone took up a ranged position on the far side of the pit. The door was opened and the party opened fire on the zombies with their various bows. The caltrops and pit worked wonderfully, slowing and separating the zombies as they entered. Once they had begun to make some progress, Harold abandoned his bow and charged into the fray to physically block one side of the pit trap from the advancing zombies. Once he was in position, a much larger zombie with swords grafted to his arms barreled through the door and attacked him. Using his shield to great effect, Harold withstood this terrible zombie and a hail of arrows brought him down.

Underground Church

The room which previously held zombies lead to an underground church. Shattered and broken pews littered the room. At the far end stood an altar and a long table covered in scattered paper. Harold identified the man as Jonas Vern, the former apprentice to the wizard Zolindras Fordlon. The party charged from the back of the church, but Harold was immediately frozen with fear after a quick spell from Jonas. A rat familiar attacked from hiding and a battle waged on until Jonas was knocked unconscious. The party decided to keep him alive and return him to Baron Theodore Bluthe in Orin.

The previous room was more thoroughly searched and a secret tunnel leading to a tomb was found. A set of doors barred from that side was opened to reveal it was the locked door from the crossroads. Inside the coffins the party found a magical pair of gloves, bracers, and wooden shield [Gloves of Agile Striking M105, Bracers of Quick Strike M81, and Light’s Beacon]. One-Eye wore the bracers, Valanthradil took the gloves, and the shield was given to Harold. One-Eye and Valanthradil left with Jonas and headed for the city of Orin while Harold returned to the abbey to deliver the news to the other paladins.

[Light’s Beacon is a heavy wooden shield that can once a day light up as bright as a sunrod and cause the area within 5 ft in all directions to behave as if consecrated for up to 1 hour.]


Kazace Kazace

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