Chapter 3

Something Strange is Afoot...

Celestine Abbey

The party decided to continue heading East to track down the paladins they saw leaving Seawell and discovered an abbey. Peeking in the windows they saw a man performing what they supposed were black arts (e.g. pentagrams drawn in blood on the floor). They were welcomed inside and met the paladins at dinner who revealed they are part of the Silver Dawn, a righteous organization intent on stopping evil. They finished dinner and retired for the night.

Once they believed everyone would be asleep, One-Eye and Valanthradil snooped around at night to see if they could find out any more about the mysterious man they saw delving into the black arts. The stumbled upon one of the paladins and the mysterious man talking about an orb in a room together. While peeking through a keyhole, the party saw cloth being removed from an orb on a table and suddenly they dropped to the floor and screamed in terror and agony. The paladin and man confronted the party and after some back and forth they decided to reveal the following story:

Six months prior, a great battle was fought by a force lead by Baron Theodore Bluthe and his wizard associate Zolindras Fordlon against a warlock named Lord Shaendis Volmer. This necromancer had been in possession of the orb at this time. The baron and his forces were aided by the Silver Dawn and they eventually defeated the warlock. They recovered the orb and various spell books from his castle after the battle had ended. The spell books and orb were being transported when the apprentice to Zolindras, Jonas Vern, ambushed and murdered some of the paladins escorting the cargo. He managed to steal some spell books, but not the orb which appeared to be his real goal.

The mysterious man they saw practicing black arts introduced himself as Peter Grim. He is an ex-paladin who gave up his ways and severed his connection with his god in order to learn the black arts in an attempt to “know thy enemy”. His goal was to discover weaknesses and ways of combating ‘evildoers’ more efficiently to aid the paladins of the Silver Dawn.

The next morning a paladin from the party of 6 that traveled to the abbey, Harold Burke, joined the party when they mentioned they were on their way to discover who had hired the mercenaries. Harold and the paladins hoped Jonas might be involved so they could find him and bring him to justice.


Kazace Kazace

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