Chapter 21

Mysterious Mysteries!

Whose Throne is This?

One-Eye left the throne at which point the suit of armor started following him. He continue exploring the keep and Noone ventured back into the main room and also decided to sit on the throne. A contest of wills followed after which Noone wrested control of the throne’s power from One-Eye. She found it gave her an amplified sense of her surroundings, especially within the walls of the keep. One-Eye had headed down into the cellar, and once there the armor tapped him on the shoulder. It repeated the gesture and pointed back towards the cellar door. One-Eye ignored the armor and then it tried tickling him and left.

The cellar is where the action is at!

Now alone in the cellar, One-Eye began a thorough search. The stairs that lead down there were on the east side of the room, there were three desiccated corpses nailed to crosses along the south wall, and a pile of boxes in the middle of the room. It appeared these had been recently moved (by Sal) and so he checked the area they had been moved from. Here he found the floor was made from a different and softer material than the rest of the cellar.

At this point Noone, Sal, Valanthradil and the suit of armor had all come back down into the cellar. They worked together to dig up the floor where the boxes used to be stacked and it gave way to a black pit. The darkness was impenetrable to their eyes even when they dropped a torch down. Although, they did hear the torch hit the ground only about 10 feet down. Just as they were all peering down into the hole, a huge skeleton came rushing up out of the darkness at them!

Another skeleton! How obvious!

The skeleton easily crawled out of the hole as it stood a good 10 feet tall. It stood up and brandished two scimitars at the party. Valanthradil reacted first and made a glancing hit with an arrow. The suit of armor also attacked and took a large chip of bone out of its leg. The skeleton seemed to focus on the suit of armor since it was the most effective at damaging the skeleton and so the party continued to hack and shoot away from behind while it was distracted. Eventually the huge skeleton was shattered to a pile of bones skewed across the cellar and the party sighed their relief. At this time Noone mentioned it was getting dark as she had noticed the sun setting on her way down to the cellar.

The Black Pit of Darkness

One-Eye was struck with curiosity and lowered himself into the pit. It was pitch black and he couldn’t see a thing. As soon as he touched ground his hair stood on end and he heard faint whispering. He threw a pebble and heard it hit a wall about 5 feet in front of him. After moving forward a couple of feet he could all of a sudden see again, but it was still pitch black behind him. In front of him was a door covered with glowing blue runes. Spooky!


Kazace Kazace

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