Chapter 20

Survey Time

Nice Accommodations

After a brief refreshing swim, Sal, Noone, Valanthradil, and One-Eye headed back down the passage and into the smaller one. They came to a split in the passage and One-Eye suggested they go left because he had come from the right. They found a spiral staircase cut into the rock that lead upwards. They went up single file and came to a dead end. A quick search revealed the stone wall actually slid open and on the other side was a small room with a washtub. They piled in and listened at the door on the other side of the room. They didn’t hear anything so they pressed on and found themselves in a spacious living area with a fireplace. They also noticed a small metal safe in the corner which was locked. Noone banged on it for a while before giving up and wandering off to check the fireplace for any religious depictions.

To the East they found a large bedroom with barely any furniture. To the West there was a small closet and some partially broken stairs leading down. Valanthradil made a hearty leap and cleared the broken stairs and continued his search of the lower floor. Noone (being a small gnome) was hesitant to jump, so had Sal help her with a rope. While yelling down to see if Valanthradil and Noone were okay, Sal spotted One-Eye walking nonchalantly back from where the safe was in the next room over. He double checked it to make sure it was still closed and then the two of them decided to head downstairs as well.

They were in a nicely tiled room with a door to the east. Valanthradil and Noone had found another sliding stone wall that lead into the same stone staircase as before. They all decided to head through the east door and were astonished to walk right into a merry party complete with drinks, dancing, merriment, and music!

Were not in Kansas anymore…

Noone felt a strong sense of displacement and One-Eye got an odd feeling when he made contact with a man who had come over to introduce himself and shake hands. They ended up relaxing a little and checking out the party. Just as they were enjoying themselves, the torches and braziers in the room stuttered and there was loud thunder outside. The party panicked and started barricading the entrance. Just as they had finished, spectral figures of ragged sailors rose from the floor and started killing all the people in the room. A massacre ensued in which One-Eye, Valanthradil, and Noone were also killed. Sal didn’t believe for a second what he was seeing was real, being too similar to the description of past events at the keep. His strong will enabled him to awaken from the temporal vision everyone was experiencing and he sat up to see the other three lying on the floor around him.

Sal found himself in the main hall of the keep. A throne stood at the north end and a large set of double doors at the south end. Next to the throne was another set of armor standing in the corner, but it did not seem to respond at all to their presence. He roused the others from their trance and they set off to search the rest of the keep. They found a kitchen, staff living area, and many empty rooms. Valanthradil found some tracks through the layers of the dust and various signs someone had recently stayed in one of the second floor rooms. Just outside kitchen area they also found some large cellar doors which opened to reveal stairs leading down into the darkness. While the rest of the party was still searching about, One-Eye also tried sitting on the throne and sat there looking thoughtful for a while.


Kazace Kazace

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