Chapter 2

A Meeting in the Woods


Hank Dowel, the captain of the guard in Seawell, identified two of the pirates as Erqua Ashilim and Svingal Stonefist. He revealed they were known mercenaries who frequented this area. The captain offered to pay the party to look into who hired them since he believed this scheme was not something they would have normally come up with on their own. Gathering information about the town, the party discovered that the One-Eyed Dragon is a nearby tavern that is used as a mercenary hangout. They also learned that Panhand Pegason is a local mercenary hiring contact that could be found at said tavern.

The party also sighted a band of 6 well-equipped paladins making their way off the first boat to arrive in town since the lighthouse incident. Valanthradil and One-Eye tried to start up a conversation but the paladins ignored them and left Seawell promptly headed East in a wagon. They displayed a banner of crossed swords with a sun rising behind them.

At this point, the paladin and fighter bid their farewell and went their separate ways.

One-Eyed Dragon

The party arrived at the tavern and managed to befriend Panhand. They learned that a man (no name given) used Panhand to hire mercenaries/pirates to wreck ships and specifically requested any ‘orb-like’ objects to be sent directly to him. The same mysterious man also hired a second set of mercenaries to hold up the road East from the tavern in the Janthorn Woods. The party got themselves hired to join the mercenary company in the woods and were given letters to prove as such. They were given directions to a newly built fort hidden in the woods which served as a temporary base of operations for the mercenaries.

Janthorn Woods

The party found what remained of a fallen log covering the road that looked as if it has been sawed through. They found a stone statue that Panhand had told them about which lead to a hidden path through the woods. Once they arrived at the fort, the party learned the paladins they saw earlier wiped the floor with the mercenaries and had continued along the forest path.

The party decided to clear the mercenary fort out and sprung an ambush later that day. The mercenaries split up into 3 groups to station themselves at the road through the woods for their ambush. One group were the lookouts along the path back West towards Seawell, the second group were the ambushers, and the third group remained on guard at the fort. OneEye and Valanthradil quickly surprised and killed their group and then moved on to ambush the other group along the road. One-Eye approached as a diversion while Valanthradil shot his bow from the cover of trees. Lastly, they returned to the fort and attempted to dispatch the remaining mercenaries. After countless tree climbing incidents to gain a better angle on the mercenaries along the ramparts, the party managed to kill all but 3 of the mercenaries who fled into the woods. They then discovered a note among the possessions left at the fort which instructed the delivery of any orbs to a house on the outskirts of a nearby town known as Pimblebrook.

[Valanthradil and One-Eye reached Level 2]


Kazace Kazace

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