Chapter 19

Musty Smells!

First Obstacle, the Door

One-Eye spent some time trying to unlock the large metal door to the building they wished to explore, but was having some trouble. Noone made a very successful bluff to convince the door she was the key, but it didn’t respond. One-Eye did manage to eventually unlock it and crept in to check for nasty surprises. The rest of the party quickly bored of waiting (not to mention a few of them didn’t trust One-Eye much) and charged in to see what was inside for themselves. Behold! A warehouse filled with old crates and barrels!

Where there’s boxes there’s loot!

Most of the boxes and barrels were filled with sawdust, things in various states of decay, and sometimes nothing at all. With perseverance on their side, the party continued searching and found a crate full of potions labelled as Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds! Just what the ailing party needed. A stack of larger barrels was examined to reveal an emblem burned onto the wood depicting two griffons on either side of a shield bearing the word “Rosilt”.

While searching, Noone stumbled upon a fake covering on the ground near two large crane contraptions. It was patterned just like the floor and concealed a wooden platform underneath. A search was conducted around the area and it was discovered that the platform was suspended over a vertical shaft by some wooden slats. There also appeared to be fixtures on the platform to attach ropes to using the block and tackle the party found nearby. They rigged it up and prepared to lower themselves when they noticed One-Eye had gone missing. They cursed him for a bit and then decided to continue on without him.

Double Déjà vu

Weapons ready and torches blazing, the platform reached the ground and the party immediately saw a suit of armor come to life and draw its large two handed sword. Valanthradil took a quick shot but missed while Sal charged in and drove his sword into the armor. Unfazed, it swung a powerful chop directly between Sal’s neck and shoulder dropping him unconscious. Valanthradil loosed another shot which found its mark this time and Noone ran to Sal and healed him just in time to prevent the fatal wound from killing him. The armor then advanced on Valanthradil with a sweeping blow right into his side which dropped him as well. Still recovering, Sal missed the armor and then backed up next to Noone. In a panic, Noone reached out and cast inflict wounds again which was just enough to stop the armor.

The platform had come to rest in a large open area of a dark underground tunnel. To the North there was a tall and wide passage. To the Southeast was a smaller passage. About this time, Noone and Sal heard loud growling noises coming from the smaller passage. They prepared themselves to face the unknown when One-Eye came walking out of the passage with his best impression of a scary monster. Unimpressed with his sense of humor, Sal took one of Valanthradil’s health potions and used it to revive him.

A Breath of Fresh Sea Air

With two of them barely standing, the party headed along the North passage. They were pleasantly surprised to find a cave that opened to the ocean. There was a rickety dock tucked out of sight and a decently deep channel leading out of the cave. As good a place as any, they decided to camp here for the night and recover from the ordeals of the day.


Kazace Kazace

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