Chapter 1

Wreck Ashore

You are sitting in a tavern.. uh, I mean boat

The party found themselves travelling the seas for one reason or another towards the small trading town of Seawell. [To start our adventure, we tried out some role playing aboard the boat.] The paladin accosted the helmsman and captain due to the helmsman being slightly intoxicated. While they talked, the fighter barged into the tiny cabins of other passengers and grilled them for information, making sure to steal anything that wasn’t tied down [seemingly acting like he was playing Oblivion]. One-Eye sneaked into the ship’s hold to find to his dismay that it was loaded with barrels of salt, sugar, and the like. Still, not being one to pass up some loot, he collected a sack full of sugar for himself. Valanthradil wandered around taking in the scene.

Quite suddenly, the ship crashed and ground to a halt in the shallows of a reef. The fighter was flung from the bow where he was enjoying the sea breeze and swam for shore. The paladin and Valanthradil grabbed a lifeboat and tossed it over without any rope to secure it and in their haste to jump to it, forgot the oars as well. One-Eye grabbed the oars and jumped after them with the captain of the ship. They rowed for shore and everyone eventually made it to Seawell.


The fighter gathers some information from the locals and discovers that a family manning the lighthouse hasn’t been heard from in days, but the locals were too busy to check on them because they were fighting off lizard-people who were attacking the town. This was not unheard of, but they were doing it unusually often and aggressively. The locals also mentioned that several ships scheduled to arrive at Seawell had not shown up yet. In fact, no ships had arrived in Seawell for the past several days. The fighter traveled alone out to the lighthouse located on a nearby island and found that the entire family living there were killed. Peering through a telescope in the upper level of the lighthouse revealed a lighthouse-esque structure built down a ways on the beach. He speculated that this fake lighthouse caused ships to navigate in the wrong direction and hit a reef.


On the way through the swamp to investigate the fake lighthouse, One-Eye was almost eaten by a crocodile but was saved from near death by a friendly lizard-woman named Cameron. Valanthradil had a run in with a panther that almost pinned him down, but he managed to escape and run away. Eventually, they all made their way to the fake lighthouse in their own various ways and discovered One-Eye being tended for by Cameron. They found a band of pirates camped nearby who were deemed responsible for the shipwrecks. A night raid resulted in all the pirates being killed in an ambush. One of the pirates had a nice cloak which Valanthradil took and he found out later it was a Cloak of Resistance +1 [D253]. The fake lighthouse was burned down and the party returned to Seawell.


Kazace Kazace

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